eCommerce Traffic and Sales Improvement Audits and Plans

Your products and prices are awesome. 

Your store traffic and sales figures aren't. What now?

The way we sell and the way we market is changing before our eyes, and the shift is incredibly exciting!  

These changes are bringing all kinds of opportunities to eCommerce stores. 

But because they don't know how they stack up, many stores are letting the opportunities slip through the cracks.


We help small to medium online stores with BIG dreams generate more traffic and sales. 

Our eCommerce Quality Assessments consistently, predictably and profitably, helps improve revenue and profits.

And unlike being at the mercy of one shot tactics, with no guarantee that they’ll work for your store, our assessments comes with both a guarantee and a real human to help you implement it in your own business.

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We started this service because we were tired of seeing so-called “marketing experts” regurgitate speculative ONE-SHOT strategies that weren’t tested, weren’t proven, and had no means of helping business owners generate traffic and revenue RIGHT NOW.  

We don't just assess the quality of your store, we also provide you with the insights to grow your business, grow your brand, and most importantly grow your TRAFFIC, your REVENUE and your BOTTOM LINE.

When you know your store's strenghts and weaknesses, AND act on that knowledge, you could be earning twice as much from your existing traffic within two weeks. 

3 Powerful Market Forces Are Reshaping Business

Your store quality assessment helps you seize the opportunities and eliminate the threats posed by these forces. Here's how:

The first is an economic force - the raw power of a handful of mega eCommerce stores. When they step on you, they don’t even notice. But you will. Their media budgets starve you of both traffic and sales. And they silently shape your customer’s online and offline shopping expectations.  

Fortunately, is not difficult to thrive in their presence. Your quality assessment shows you where you are lagging behind, and it gives you focus to bring your A+ game in the areas that matters most.

The second is a social force - the shift into the experience economy. Goods and services are no longer enough. People increasingly desire experiences - memorable events that engage each individual in an inherently personal way. What they desire is remarkable experiential theater to delight them. And the line between offline and online theater is disappearing..  

Your assesment shows you how your store stacks up in each of the five key phases of the online shopping journey.

The third force is technology - the low barrier of entry into eCommerce. The days of huge capital investments and high running costs of eCommerce platforms are long gone. You can literally have a store, with all the bells and whistles, up and running in a few hours. And you can have feet in your store a few minutes later. All, without breaking the bank.

Your store assessment shows you your level of sophistication in terms of technology and marketing automation. It provides a roadmap for taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest technology. 


Because it brings specialised expertise and an unbiased professional perspective to a business, it’s popular with:

  •  Stores who have their own inhouse sales and marketing teams.
  •  Stores using outside advertising or marketing agencies.
  •  Part-time store operators.


Step 1: Discovery Call - Are We A Fit?

The first step is a quick call to explore whether or not we might be a fit. We only take on clients we're 100% certain we can help. So there is no guarantee that we will be ready and willing to work with you. Or that you will like what you hear and see.

There are no strings attached to this call. We'll both use it to decide if we'd like to work together or not.

Simply call Di-Di on 082 416 7145, or use any one of the buttons on this page to schedule a discovery call.

Step 2: Store Quality Assessment

  Should we decide to work together, our traffic and sales specialists will conduct a comprehensice diagnostic assessment covering nine key eCommerce areas. And we'll present the findings in a Store Quality Assessment.  

Your Store Quality Assessment will help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses. How you stack up. And how to prioritize the areas that you need to work on. 

Step 3: Quality Assessment Walkthrough 

Next we'll schedule an online meeting to walk you through your Quality Score for each of the nine areas. Answering any questions you may have and making sure that you understand how to use the quality scores to improve your bottom line results. 

check your quality score


We've invested 6,900+ hours in assuring your success. Apart from spending thousands of hours on continious training, surgeons and commercial pilots figure out the best way to perform a procedure. Then they use checklists to ensure it gets done to perfection. And so do we. We've spent more than 6,900 hours perfecting our audits and processes. And we're continuing to do so. 

Your Store Health Audit enables you to capatilize on our investment and turn it into traffic and sales for your store. 

You don't just get a boring report. You ALSO get access to a professional eCommerce traffic and sales improvement specialist. You've got big dreams for your business. But without a plan to seize the opportunities offered by the three market forces reshaping the dynamics of the online landscape, your dreams are going to die a slow and painful death. 

Your assessment report comes with coaching and support. We will lead you through the findings, step-by-step, showing you how to use it in your own business... and how to get it making money for you in the shortest time possible.

A 30-Day money back guarantee. Your store assessment comes with a no-nonsense 30-day money back guarantee. 


Fees are calculated for each individual store and depend on traffic volume, technology stack, and marketing sophistication. The ranges below is only a guide and is meant to give you an idea of what to expect.

Low Traffic Store

< 10K monthly sessions

$75 - $295

Medium Traffic Store

10K - 100K monthly sessions

$195 - $695

High Traffic Store

> 100K monthly sessions

$495 - $995


Tanya Visser

Jozi Carnivores

Moeitelose Mooi

Wildflower Nursery


The Gardener Mag

Eco Herb

Alma Kwekery


Bristle Cone


As you've seen above - and we know you are probably not liking it - our fees are on the higher end of the scale. The reason for this is that each assessment is customized to fit the business, and a team of real human traffic and sales professionals does the assessment. 

If you want the generic software generated "one-size-fits-all" version of what we do, we will be happy to introduce you to vendors who churn them out for free.

While we don’t offer a "mass-market" service, our fees are fair and we are prepared to tailor your investment to suit your store and growth projections.

Rolling Out Your Quality Score Findings

Your store assessment empowers you with professional insights, knowledge, and clarity of focus you won’t find in a free assessment. 

Just in case you wondered... you have three options for rolling out the findings of your Quality Score:

D-I-Y Rollout

We can colloborate with your own inhouse sales and marketing teams to implement the findings at your own leisure.

Agency Rollout

We can collaborate with your outside agency to help them implement the findings.

Done-4-You Rollout

If you'd like a team of seasoned pros to implement the findings we can do it for you.